FAQs and Tips

The 10 most asked questions by hunters who are coming to South Africa to hunt

  1. What clothes should we bring?
    Camo, olive and dark khaki colors, preferably cotton or a cotton blend. Remember to bring a light jacket as it can easily get very chilly in the early morning, late afternoon and evening.  A Light jacket or long-sleeved shirt can also protect your arms from sunburn and scratches from the vegetation during the hunt.
  2. What shoes and headgear should we bring?
    You’ll need comfortable worn-in hunting boots.  Don’t bring brand-new boots to hunt with.  We recommend a floppy hat or combat style hat. Ideally you’ll want something that will protect your ears and neck.
  3. What caliber rifle should I bring?
    For ordinary plains game we recommend anything from .270 Winchester to the trusty old 30.06 with heavy bullets. For larger species like the Eland we recommend 338. or bigger.
  4. Are we going to hunt in a Malaria area?
    Yes, please remember to take prophylactics against malaria before arriving in SA.
  5. Cameras and other equipment?
    Bring your own camera with adapter and/or spare batteries.  Bring good binoculars.  Your camera and binoculars should not be bulky so as not to restrict your movement during the hunt. We recommend you purchase a binocular harness.
  6. What documentation should we have?
    Remember your: Passport Rifle Licenses or copies thereof Import Permits Inoculation certificate you get from your doctor if necessary Please remember to bring your own medicine and sunblock.
  7. Should we have insurance?
    We advise that you arrange travel insurance when traveling to South Africa.
  8. Is it safe to go on a hunting trip in South Africa?
    Yes, although there is crime in the big cities (as in any big city) we have never had any incidents in the hunting areas.
  9. Is the water safe?
    Water is South Africa is generally safe to drink from the faucet. However, for your convenience we provide bottled drinking water.
  10. What food will we eat?
    Our professional chefs will prepare mouthwatering dishes from the game we hunt as well as ample breakfasts and puddings and desserts to die for. Three meals a day and packed lunches if you’re out in the bush. Come and try it you won’t be disappointed!       

If you have any other questions - please do not hesitate to contact us!